5 Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial!

Retirement looks a little different for everyone. The general idea is to take it easy and enjoy stopping to smell the flowers. You have all these plans for what you want to accomplish, but most struggle to find ways to keep busy in time. Volunteering is what many turn to, filling their time, hearts, and staying active. Research studies require volunteers to participate in them so medicine can continue progressing. There are many reasons to consider before you participate in clinical research studies when you’re over 60. Here are the top 5.

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1. Opportunity to Shape the Future

Without our health, there’s no future for anyone. Medical advancements wouldn’t be possible without volunteers participating in clinical studies. Every time a volunteer joins a study, the progress needle moves forward and shapes the future of medicine.

2. Access to Study Staff

Participants receive close monitoring, advice, and care from a team of research doctors and other health professionals who understand your disease or condition. Study-related care is different than what you would typically get and is more frequent.

3. No Insurance Required

Health insurance remains a financial pain point, keeping it out of reach for many people. Research studies do not require insurance to participate, making this a great way to get free medical care while giving back.

4. Make Your Health a Priority 

Both healthy volunteers and those with medical conditions are needed. As a volunteer, you can learn more about your illness, which can prioritize your health needs. You never pay out of pocket for any services received while enrolled. Potential issues could be diagnosed before they progress. Or you could gain access to therapies that were not affordable before, or ones that could offer better results than previous ones.

5. Earn Money

Many studies offer reimbursements for time and travel for qualified participants. Earning an extra chunk of change can add to your holiday budget, savings, or any other way you choose to spend it.

Your Legacy Awaits

As we age, changes in our bodies affect our response to and how we process treatments. Older individuals are more likely to have existing medical conditions, which is why the over 65 age group is reportedly consuming over 30% of the world’s prescription medications. Despite this, volunteers over the age of 60 continue to be underrepresented in research studies worldwide. Potential treatments are safer and more effective when participants of all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds are involved.

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It’s never too late to become a volunteer for clinical research and leave a legacy for future generations. Here at Midwest Clinical Research Center, our caring, professional staff are dedicated to answering all of your questions about study participation. Call us today at (937) 424-1050, or visit our website to learn more about all of our upcoming study opportunities.



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